Saturday, November 12, 2005

Frugal Thinking Point

Think back. . . remember the good old days when your grandparents or maybe even your parents had a comfortable lifestyle, possibly on just a single income.

They had it all – health, home, car (or horse & buggy), TV, phone, radio, secure job, guaranteed social security. . . They seemed so much happier and had far fewer worries than we do.

How'd they do it? Why do we have so many "money" troubles today? Especially since we make so much more than they did.

We're more "civilized" and have more of everything, right? We're more productive. We even have computers, the Internet and all sorts of newfangled gadgets to help us.

But that's the problem! Too much of a good thing.

We've literally become fat, lazy and complacent. And we have more needs! We're more materialistic, self-indulgent and are exposed to more (yes, there's more to buy!). We've become a global village of binge buyers.

Today, everything is disposable – cameras, credit cards, contact lenses and even our heros. Speed kills. We live on Internet time (at the speed of thought), that’s comes with a steep learning curve.

Less is more. Downscale and raise the quality of your life. Shun excess.


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